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Call for Papers, Panels and Posters

Muž v obleku podepisování

The Centre for International Humanitarian and Operational Law at the Faculty of Law of Palacký University, in collaboration with the Institute for International Law and International Relations at the Faculty of Law of the University of Graz, are accepting papers and panel proposals for aconference to take place on 14–15 September 2023 in Olomouc, the Czech Republic. The conference, titled International Law and the Regulation of Resort to Force: Exhaustion, Destruction, Rebirth? will examine selected issues pertaining to the jus ad bellum. Submissions in line with the thematic area are welcomed. Submissions exploring one or more of the areas below are particularly encouraged:

  • The prohibition of the use of force and its narratives: Confluence or conflict

  • Regulatory and normative aspects of the prohibition

  • UN Charter based exceptions to the prohibition:

    • The UN Security Council and Chapter VII authorisation

    • Individual and collective self-defence

  • Other exceptions to the prohibition:

    • Military assistance on request

    • Humanitarian intervention

    • Responsibility to Protect

  • The role of the UN Security Council in regulating the resort to force

  • Enforcement: The role of regional organisations

    • The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Article 5 of the NATO Treaty

    • The African Union, its Regional Economic Communities and Article 4(h) of the Constitutive Act

  • Intersections between the use of force and international humanitarian law

  • The emergence of private military and security companies


The conference will also include selected poster submissions on the teaching of international law on the use of force. These will be displayed at the conference venue for viewing during the various panel sessions. Instructions for poster submissions are provided below.

The deadline for submission of abstracts and panel proposals has passed.

In case of queries, please contact the conference organising team.

Paper and panel proposals:

Paper and panel proposal submissions should be no longer than 500 words in length. In the case of panel proposals, a brief list of panellists and their papers should accompany the general description of the panel. All submissions should be sent through  by 30 March 2023 and may be submitted using the 'Submissions' option above.

A post-conference publication containing selected papers is anticipated. Panelists and speakers interested in publication should submit their full papers by 30 August 2023 in order to be considered for inclusion in the publication.

Poster submissions:

Poster submissions should address any topic related to the teaching of international law on the use of force. Only one poster submission may be submitted by individual candidates. Posters submitted and presented at the conference should be A1 in size (594mm x 841mm). Candidates are free to choose the balance between textual and graphical elements of their posters. The deadline for poster submissions is 30 June 2023. Candidates will need to bring their printed posters along to the conference for display.


Queries may be directed to the Organizing Committee:

Dr. Martin Faix (

Dr. Marko Svicevic (

Prof. Erika de Wet (

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